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The 2012 Maine Piglet Book - Read it and (try not to) Weep! After all,
those are YOUR tax dollars...


Maine State Government Payroll
Maine Retiree Pension Data

Public Retiree Pensions

See details about Maine's retirement system and what is causing our Pension Crisis

Local Schools Payroll

Local School Employee Payrolls

Down to the Agency, Person and Penny...

Welcome to - giving Mainers a clear look into how Maine government spends their hard-earned tax dollars, down to the agency, person and penny. is sponsored by The Maine Heritage Policy Center, a non-partisan and non-profit think tank located in Portland, Maine. gives Maine taxpayers an unbiased look at raw spending data, provided directly by official government sources. It is designed to be a tool used by Mainers to research, analyze, compare and share government spending data.

Click the "Payroll","Vendor Payments" or any of the other links above or the buttons below to begin searching state employee payroll, payments made to companies and individuals and other state and local government spending information.


payrolls.jpg   PAYROLLS

pensions-gold.jpg  PENSIONS

expenditures.jpg  K-12 PUBLIC SCHOOLS

blue_button_white_dollar-left.png  PROPERTY TAXES

contracts.jpg  VENDOR PAYMENTS

purple_maine_map-left.png  WELFARE

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